Detecting Aliens


“Human or Not” Will feature alien detection mechanics allowing the player to inspect human passengers arriving at Earth and figure out if any of them are aliens in disguise.

The player will act as an immigration officer working in a Spaceport at a futuristic Earth. Human passengers and aliens masquerading as Humans will visit an immigration booth to be granted entrance into Earth.

Those who fail the inspection and are labeled as aliens will be apprehended by Spaceport’s security. The player will have to decide which of the passengers are Humans and which are Aliens.

As the player progress in the game, the aliens will improve their impersonation tactics. To counter this, the game will introduce more elaborate inspection technics.

The work at the Spaceport is part of a story that develops as the game progresses. Stay tuned for more news about “Human or Not” in the following weeks.

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